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Environment Control employs certified and knowledgeable HVAC contractors and professionals who carefully measure, size, and install ductwork for new central heating and air-conditioning units or room additions or basement conversions
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Ducts are an important component of any HVAC system, whether you’re installing rigid metal duct or flexible ducts. Proper sizing of ductwork is essential to ensure optimal performance of heating and/or air conditioning systems. That goes for ductwork replacement or installation in a room addition or basement or other space. The design, size, and type of ductwork you choose play an important role in the efficiency, capacity, and ability of your heating or air conditioning system to keep you comfortable all season long.

Our professional HVAC ductwork installers also know which materials are optimal for your situation or scenario, whether it calls for flexible ducts, reinforced plastic tubing, protective jackets, or ductboard, more commonly known as pressed fiberglas, or even traditional sheet metal. Our professional and certified employees know how to reduce noise transmitted through an HVAC system, ensuring you a calm, peaceful and comfortable environment.

Environment Control employs certified and knowledgeable HVAC contractors and professionals who carefully measure, size, and install ductwork for new central heating and air-conditioning units or room additions or basement conversions, or any new living space. Don’t make mistakes with your ductwork design or installation, costing you time, energy savings, and monthly utility expenses. Call Environment Control today to get an estimate on ductwork design, sizing, and fitting for your central heating and air-conditioning needs.

Our Ductwork Services:


Ductwork for Additions

Adding a new room to your home? Converting storage space to living space, or turning your attic space into a mother-in-law apartment? Regardless of your situation, heating and air-conditioning systems work best when ductwork is properly sized, fitted, and installed. Poorly installed ductwork costs loss of efficiency, comfort levels, and money.

Properly calculating HVAC duct size for room additions ensures proper flow of cool or warm air from your HVAC system to your new addition.

Our professionally trained and certified HVAC technicians and professionals know how to determine operational air speed, airflow rate, and determine where HVAC ducts should be placed for optimal cooling and heating results.

You’ve got your new air conditioner, heater or HVAC system, so now get the job finished properly by ensuring that every room in the house maintains comfortable temperatures all season long. A professionally designed HVAC duct system determines the best ductwork design for your room addition, even down to the size and location of vents or registers.

Whether you need to install a main trunk line or a branch supply duct, we at Environment Control have you covered. High-quality, professional and courteous services are our business, and we want you to be comfortable as soon as possible. Give us a call today to ask about our ductwork installation services for not only new installations, but for addition or basement duct installation needs.

Ductwork for Basements

Finishing a basement, or turning your basement into a man-cave, a guest room, or other serviceable living space? HVAC duct work supplies warm or cool air from a furnace to every supply air register (vent) in a home environment. In many scenarios, homeowners want to add a register or vent to a converted room or living space such as the basement. This requires new HVAC supply ducting from the main trunk of the duct system to the new living space.

At Environment Control, we provide only trained, experienced and certified HVAC contractors and professionals to size, fit, and install ductwork, whether you’re going for hard metal duct or flexible ductwork, based on individual home needs. 

Calculating the right size of ductwork to meet the needs of the HVAC system itself, as well as room size, and insulation levels of that space are important factors in adequately sizing ducts to maintain optimal comfort levels year round.

Ensure that your basement conversion goes without a hitch, and that you or your guests will be comfortable in the new living space winter or summer. Save energy, time, and money by ensuring that ductwork installation is done right. Leave the measuring, calculations, and fitting to us. Call Environment Control today and ask about our ductwork installation services for basement conversions. We’ll do the work so you enjoy the results.

If you’ve ever tried to install ductwork, you know it’s not as easy as it sounds. Calculations are needed to properly size ductwork based on not only your HVAC system, but the design and construction of your home, as well as room size and the type of installation you have.

Ductwork Design

There’s a lot more to installing ductwork in a home or business environment than meets the eye. Numerous calculations must be determined. An adequate ductwork layout is essential in order to achieve optimal performance of your HVAC system. Whether you’re building, remodeling, or adding on, an experienced HVAC installer will get your ductwork sized and fitted properly to ensure optimal comfort all year round.

Ductwork design is important in the longevity and efficiency of any HVAC system. Improper design of ductwork is not only expensive, but wastes energy and leads to higher energy bills due to ineffective or inefficient system operation.

At Environment Control, we know how to properly size your ductwork system based on the size of your heat pump system or furnace and/or air-conditioning system for optimal operation and function.